Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bulletin Board Freebie

Get a kit to make your own bulletin board like the one I use on my blog. Kit includes pins, frames and the cork background.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Filmstrip Freebie

This freebie was inspired by the Quote Challenge at Hummie's World (view here).

Here's the LO (Layout) I made for the challenge and the filmstrip element I created... it's all yours if you want it :)

Download Filmstrip

The paper rip template was a freebie from: Marbled Circle
And the alpha (New Years Alpha) was a freebie from: Peta Boardman Design

My first freebie

So this would be my first attempt at actually making something and giving someone else the opportunity to use it...

So yay... little party.... it's my first freebie. Not really a kit because nothing really goes together... just some crumpled paper that you could recolor if you wanted, some 'royal' stickers (crowns and whatnot), a paperclip and staples. The Staples are a little huge so you'll probably have to shrink them down for your projects and as with the stickers they are all on one page so you'll just have to cut out the one you want and move it to your project.

Download 'Stuff In A Bag'

I hope you like it, if you do- let me know. If you don't- constructive criticism only please, don't kill my spirit before I even get started.